Ph.D in Zoology
It is one of the prime subjects of Biology deals with the animal kingdom. The study incorporates the anatomy, structure, classification and the habits. The classification includes species, genus, family, order, class, phylum, kingdom, domain and all includes their life.

The life includes growth, reproduction and the other cycles of animal’s life. A Ph.D. degree is not given on the total subject but it is a degree which highlights a specified knowledge on any particular area. It publishes the area of interest of the candidate. A research guide is necessary to complete this research program that will suggest you about a genuine topic and finally will award you the degree after completion. After this program you can enroll yourself as zoology teacher in any college or university.

You also can enroll as a junior scientist or scientist in any research institute. Any Zoology scholar can apply in medical college also. Apart from that you also can work in that very institute or university from which you enrolled your Ph.D. program. 55% marks in post graduation is the required qualification while it is vary for the reserved candidates. The time duration required is 2 years in minimum while 5 years duration can be considered as the maximum.