PHD in Physics

Ph.D in Physics
Physics is one of the basic subjects of general science from the time of inception. It is nothing but the study of matter. This subject incorporates the things like space, time, energy, force, motion and related motion. The doctorate program in Physics is the detailed study of any of the specialized tracks of this subject.

The specializations are laser physics, particle physics, matter physics, motion physics and atomic physics. You need to complete a thesis on a new topic which includes your knowledge in a detailed way. Main focus of this program is to prepare you for the novel research program in the way of countries development or of teaching purpose. To complete this you need a guide who will help you to complete the whole and finally award you the degree. Maximum duration you can take is 5 years to complete and percentage of marks required in your post graduation is 55%.

You can apply for any research department as scientist or junior scientist after the completion of your Ph.D. Apart from that you are eligible to work in any college or university as lecturer or assistant professor. You also can apply in any engineering college as the teacher of same subject.