PHD in Mathematics

Ph.D in Mathematics
Mathematics can be defined as the science of quantity and the counting process started from this subject. To enroll the Ph.D. program in Mathematics you have 2 options; Ph.D. in Mathematics and Ph.D. in Mathematics with an emphasis in statistics. There are two main priorities for this program. It prepare the graduates to contribute their knowledge among the students which prepare some more best quality teachers nor the nation and apparently the same will fabricate you for the productive career in research industry in that way of countries development. The specializations of this subject are Algebraic Geometry, probability, logic, Algebraic Geometry, applied math, fourier analysis and number theory. The duration of this high esteemed program is generally varies from 2 to 5 years. After the completion the aspirants can apply themselves in any Govt. or private university as a lecturer or assistant professor and similarly he can apply in any of the Govt. research organization as a scientist.