PHD in Chemistry

Ph.D in Chemistry
Chemistry is one of the basic subjects of general science apart from Physics and Mathematics. It is nothing but the study of atoms, their properties and the interactions in between them. It also incorporates the matter and the change of states which occurred by chemical reactions. It is the highest given degree by any university which defines the specified knowledge of a person.

There are tracks of purposes behind this program. In a way it will prepare a candidate for universal teaching of this subject which creates some more people of same category as the national resources. To complete this program you need to work on a thesis which is based on a fresh topic. You need a Ph.D. guide who will guide you about the title of your thesis and the problems regarding its completion. 55% marks in your post graduation is the basic qualification required for this.

There is a relaxation of 5% for reserved category candidate. After the completion you are eligible to apply in any Govt. or private university for teaching profession or can work as a scientist in forensic department or any other related to the development of our nation.