PHD in Botony

Ph.D in Botany
Botany is one of the basic subjects of Biology apart from the Zoology and Physiology. It is basically the study of plants and all their organs which includes species, genus, family, order, class, phylum, kingdom, domain and all includes their life. Botany deals with the

structure, growth, metabolism, development, diseases, reproduction chemical properties and evolutionary relationships among taxonomic groups. Ph.D. is the highest degree given by any Indian university. In general it is not a subject but beside that it is the study of a particular area of your interest. You need to focus on a particular topic which has not discussed before. A guide will suggest you about the topic or you can choose that by the area of your interest. But your guide will solve all the problems regarding the completion of your thesis. This course will prepare a candidate for the detailed academic program which prepare the next slots of teachers and professors and formulate you for research program.

The duration of this program is 2 to 5 years. 55% marks in your master degree is the basic qualification required for this while a relaxation of 5% for reserved category candidates. After the completion you are eligible to apply in any Govt. or private university for teaching profession or can work as a scientist in any related department or any other related to the nation. You can enroll yourself in any greenery project conducted by state Govt. or central