Duration: 6 Months Coursework + Time taken for Research

Mode: Research based

Qualification to apply: Masters Degree in any discipline +
10 years of professional experience or
NET/SET/JRE/GATE or NSL Research Aptitude Test (RAT)

The objectives of Fellow Programme in Technology include:

Building a substantial understanding of the need and requirement for future technologies in today’s global marketplace
Getting NSLites acclimatized to the nuts and bolts of conducting world-class research
Building an understanding of different formats of research including research papers, dissertations, case studies and research presentations
Inculcating a strong understanding among NSLites of the multiple dimensions that contribute to formalizing ideas and execution strategies that leave behind structured and understandable information for others can refer to
Enabling individuals to broaden their scope of understanding of efforts around technology through the optimal comprehension of varied means and impacts of building a well-founded structure of leadership in Technology.

Fee Type Fee Detail Amount
First Sem Fee 86000* 1 sem 86000
Course fee 59000*3 sem 177000
Total Amount 263000\-